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India’s Leading Customer Loyalty Program Software For Retail Stores. Award Your Customers With Reward Points and Provide Different Benefits Against Earned Reward Points.

Customer loyalty program management software is an additional addon to Busy accounting software.


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Loyalty Program Busy Software Addon

What is a customer loyalty program?


A customer loyalty program or rewards program

is a customer retention strategy that motivates customers

to continue buying from your brand instead of competitors.

Salient Features Of Loyalty Software

  • Define customer groups on the basis of purchasebusy addon
  • Loyalty points according to customer type
  • Points redemption with a cash amount
  • Discount applies with a one-time password
  • Points print and SMS option
  • Mobile number wise customer tracking
  • Social media management

Why are loyalty programs important?

Like personal relationships, customer relationships are successful when both parties feel they are getting something beneficial from the relationship.

Customers give you their support when they buy from you, and in return, loyalty rewards like discounts and freebies affirm

points system in busy software that they are receiving something in return.

Here are 8 benefits of a customer loyalty program:

  • Improves customer retention
  • Increases customer lifetime value and repeat business
  • Boosts revenue
  • Builds stronger customer relationships
  • Differentiates a brand from its competitors
  • Encourages word-of-mouth marketing
  • Shows customers appreciation
  • Drives customer satisfaction

And if that’s not enough, here are a few statistics that prove the importance of loyalty programs.

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